Regenerative Land Care Mentors


Our Commitment is to empower and speed you to create imaginative landscape scale nature friendly land within your community & throughout the world.

We care for all land. Our special interests include: restoring farm land into wildlife havens, natural flood management, flood plain mire restoration, using animals as landscape engineers, restoring biodiversity to sheep and horse ravaged ground, farm diversification including Glamping. Fascilitate neighbours to join forces to build landscape scale projects where the possibility of species reintroduction becomes viable.

Lived experience, independent Land Care Mentors producing 100% pasture fed, completely chemical free meat & fibre whilst restoring biodiversity. 

If you are interested in joining our mentoring program drop us a line through our contact form

 Walk n talks - Permaculture to forest gardening, mob grazing to glamping.  Imaginative land care and farm diversification to build soil and a more resilient farming future.

by appointment only. 

£100 for 2-3 hour riverside walk n talk for 1 or 2 people. 

(£100 fee refundable if you are selected to join our mentoring program) 

To organise a walk drop us a line through our contacts form.