We are expert Land Care Mentors. We will support you in transforming your land (garden - landscape) into a vibrant haven for nature. Abundant in productivity, diverse and resilient. A better place for your family, for the community and for future generations. We are Rewilding Futures, in service to the land.

Regenerative Land Care Mentors

Nick Viney & Ryan Rodgers are experienced land care professionals. Together they offer a practical, mentoring program to support selected land managers to transition quickly & optimistically into more nature friendly land care practice. We help you create a true mosaic of habitats, whatever the purpose for the land in your care. Maybe don't know where to start? Maybe you started out with the best intentions but the dream of managing land is turning out t be an expensive nightmare. Perhaps you want to eat, grow or wear totally chemical free food and fibre and make it available to your community but there's just no one around to support you in this dream. We will help you transform your land into a vibrant sanctuary for Nature, abundant and diverse. A better place for you, your family, future generations and the community at large.

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Leewood Glamping, enjoy romantic rural seclusion. Connect with nature, connect with one another.

Unique spaces in glorious secluded settings on the edge of Dartmoor, UK. Nature bathe, campfire cooking, star gazing, wild swimming, meadow views, cosy from your super king size bed. Restorative stays amidst a regenerative landscape. Couples only. Visit, stay, love, learn, return Sorry, not suitable for kids* or dogs.

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Leewood Studios. Film & Photography Location

A secluded valley location with an eclectic mix of indoor and outdoor spaces where nature takes priority. Woodland, river running water, ancient pasture. Some props and animals available for hire. Ryan Eldon Rodgers with large format cameras Slow Photography Big images

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