About NV

NV Background - The three constants in my life : Art in Agriculture, Animals & Leewood.

Art in Ag:30 years of wrangling, using my creativity to chip away at farming, food production and environmental practices that made me uncomfortable ; paintings, portraits & fun sculpture along the way.

Animals: 18 years in one of the last great mixed veterinary practices where no two hours were the same, from assisting on a cow Caesarian one minute, anaesthetising a cat or doing worm counts in the lab another.
Later and now as a Range Clearer on the high moor with my trusty horse & dog team.

Leewood: Where I grew up & my opportunity to manage my own land and raise my kids.  A dive into Permaculture, Holistic Management,  Forest gardening , AMPGrazing with its unrivalled power of habitat  recovery and the most fulfilling experience which continues to build soil, grow food, receive more guests and share knowledge year on year.

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