Glimpse a wilder future

 at Leewood

Rewilding Futures can help you take a glimpse into a wilder future. An oasis of life in a secluded Dartmoor valley which has been treasured by the same family for over half a century. A place where nature takes the lead and where we try to farm in her image using permaculture and regenerative agriculture principles. Visit, stay, learn, love, return.

Leewood Glamping, enjoy romantic rural seclusion

This is outdoor living at its best. Unique spaces in glorious secluded settings on the edge of Dartmoor. Nature bathe, campfire cooking, star gazing, wild swimming, meadow views, cosy from your super king size bed. Sorry, not suitable for kids or dogs.

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Walk n talk

For anyone interested in more nature friendly farming practice, improving soil health, completely chemical free food n fibre - a Regenerative form of Agriculture.

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Leewood Studios. Film & Photography Location

A secluded valley location with an eclectic mix of indoor and outdoor spaces where nature takes priority. Woodland, river running water, ancient pasture. Some props and animals available for hire.

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Nick Viney - Regenerative Agriculture

I am interested in assisting farmers/ land managers who feel that they would like to take a look at more regenerative systems. To have a no obligation, informal chat about what regenerative farming could mean to them. Folk who want to grow their Natural Capital , graze for biodiversity, increase their livestock carrying capacity whilst reducing inputs. Rewild areas and increase productivity in others. Practical, one to one support to help land managers transition optimistically into the next age of farming & land management. I want to some how bridge the gap between conventional farming practice and rewilding. I believe the biodiversity can return using high densities of grazing livestock if managed correctly and for the carrying capacity of your farm to increase 2 fold in your first growing season.

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Big Slow Portraits

Ryan Eldon Rodgers with large format cameras

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Art for confidence and wellbeing. Spinning, Natural Dyes, Weaving, Forest gardening basics, Animal handling, sheep, pigs, poultry, ponies for beginners. Grazing with nature to improve biodiversity, plant & animal performance.

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Really Elegant Tree Guard Commissions

Elegant Tree Guards . Flood plain friendly. Bio-degradable. From regenerative resources. POA

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  • Sampford Spiney, Yelverton PL20 6LP, UK
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About NV

NV Background - The three constants in my life : Art in Agriculture, Animals & Leewood.

Art in Ag:30 years of wrangling, using my creativity to chip away at farming, food production and environmental practices that made me uncomfortable ; paintings, portraits & fun sculpture along the way.

Animals: 18 years in one of the last great mixed veterinary practices where no two hours were the same, from assisting on a cow Caesarian one minute, anaesthetising a cat or doing worm counts in the lab another.
Later and now as a Range Clearer on the high moor with my trusty horse & dog team.

Leewood: Where I grew up & my opportunity to manage my own land and raise my kids.  A dive into Permaculture, Holistic Management,  Forest gardening , AMPGrazing with its unrivalled power of habitat  recovery and the most fulfilling experience which continues to build soil, grow food, receive more guests and share knowledge year on year.

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About RER

About RERAbout RERAbout RER
Ryan is the rock of Ol'Leewood Town.
Insights into his brilliance can be found here


Regenerative Britain - Farmers, Heroes

Regenerative Britain - Farmers, Heroes

A Regenerative future. Health , Hope, Food Security.

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A Regenerative Dartmoor

A Regenerative Dartmoor

A project to bring Regen Ag to Dartmoor

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